Domino's Pizza USA App Reviews

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Pizza. Delivered to my face. Simple as that.

still a little buggy but mostly reliable

i changed my address and it didnt update and sent to the wrong place like twice i think but other than that its pretty good

It is certainly possible to order a pizza with this app

It is certainly possible to order a pizza with this app. Unfortunately the menus were stitched together from the recovered files from a web design students trash bin, so its not pleasant the whole way through, but thats part of the Dominos charm. At the end of the ordering process, after you put your card and address in and right before you actually place the order, the app invites you to create a profile to save your info. It neglects to mention that when youre done making an account youll have to enter your order, address and card info again from scratch afterward before you can send it off. Speaking of entering card info, Ive had a 50% success rate with the card scanner. It works fine as well as you make a small blood sacrifice first but unless you have a fire pit and either a hamster or bucket of crickets handy, its easier to just punch it in yourself. Like many apps today, this one annoys you about rating it until you do and probably afterwards as well. I added a star because the coupon browser is useful, if not efficient or pretty.

I love you, Dominos

Dominos, you are the real MVP. Please never get rid of the Parmesan bites. They are my sole reason for living now, and this app makes it that much easier to attempt to cure my insatiable need for them.

The best

Love the delivery updates!

Does not support apple pay

Really guys? Its been out for years now. Otherwise the app works well but really annoying that Apple Pay is unavailable.

Love it!

Free pizza is awesome :)

Gets the job done

Great app, although its user interface could be more stylish. Doesnt crash or lag on ya though

Best app

So easy to work and learn.


Decent after a couple uses. Id like the option to use Apple Pay. Simple but somewhat inelegant.

5 Stars

Great app. Love watching my order progress. Customer service is great.

Loving this App because it Loves me

What else do you call it when you can tell it what you most desire in your pizza and then it magically appears at your door. Almost as good as when they made that woman in whered science! Lol

Best app ever!!

Love this app!! So easy to use!!


This app does everything it can to remove the obstacles between you and a pizza. Fantastic.

Great food!

This is my favorite pizza shop to go to! Its easy its fast and taste great!

Easy and Convenient

This app makes ordering pizza a breeze! I wont be ordering over the phone again in awhile.

My favorite pizza place ever

Best pizza and sandwiches. The app makes it so simple and the pizza profile club rewarded me a free pizza. It makes my busy life so simple. I absolutely love it.

Love the app and tracker!

This app makes it so easy to know exactly what part of the process your order is.


Gets you some cheap pizza and pretty quick too

Easy to use and convenient

A great app to place your order. Easy to use.

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